P2/3 Art lessons!

Here are a number of pictures of P2/3 during their Art lessons.

In these lessons P2/3 learnt about Henri Matisse and Frida Kahlo. And, after learning about these artists, they then created their own collages out of coloured paper and also drew self-portraits using brightly coloured pastels!

They also learnt about sculpture and created their own out of clay.

In addition, there is also a picture of the class wall where you can see what P2/3 created after learning about Vincent Van Gogh.


One thought on “P2/3 Art lessons!

  1. Lovely to see such a wonderful variety of artwork! Brilliant for the children to try have the opportunity to explore such a variety of media. Makes for such a bright and welcoming classroom.
    Ella’s gran in Bridgnorth.


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