P2/3 Art lesson!

P2/3 have been learning about famous painters. Today they learnt about Vincent Van Gogh and had a go at painting some of the things that can be seen in his paintings.

Once the paintings dry we shall be putting them up on the wall, so check back soon to see what they have created!

P2/3 learning a new card game called place value war!

To play this game, players need to divide the deck of cards evenly amongst themselves. Each player takes two cards and places them face down.
The two cards are then turned over to make a 2 digit number. The player with the largest number takes all four cards. If there is a draw then each player takes two more cards and adds that second number to the first number. The player with the largest sum takes all 8 cards. The game ends when one player has all of the cards.

Fun with Mrs Laird

P2/3 may have come home a little more colourful than normal this afternoon after learning about the qualities of pastels and how they smudge very easily! We looked at the artist Mondrian and how he used line and the Primary colours. Can they remember what they were? Also this afternoon we played tic tac toe outside for some P.E.

Earlier we enjoyed reading and discussing the poem, ‘This is Me!’ and created our own black line drawings of ourselves and wrote what we like about ourselves. We also had some fun with sums to make 10, playing Victory with the cards.