Tree Planting — Chlas Ghàidhlig ~ 2020/21 ~ Mr Kelly

As part of our Woodlands Focus Fortnight, a reminder that P5/6 (leaving at 9am), P1 (leaving at 9.30am) and P6/7 and Gaelic class (leaving at 10am) are going to Craigmonie Woods tomorrow morning (Monday, 24th May) to plant trees for Woodland Trust. P2/3 (leaving at 9am) and P3/4 (leaving at 9.30am) will then be going […]

Tree Planting — Chlas Ghàidhlig ~ 2020/21 ~ Mr Kelly

Fossils, PE, the Celts, Playground Charter, Bug Hotel, the 17 Global Goals, Reading, the Daily Mile and the Cairngorm Art Competition!

P2/3 have been very busy recently! They have been learning about fossils, the Celts, the 17 Global Goals, they have been discussing the UNCRC articles and choosing the ones they feel are the most appropriate for their playground charter, they have been putting lots of effort into their reading lessons, they have created a bug hotel, they have been working hard in PE and at the daily mile and they have created some excellent drawings for the Cairngorm art competition!

Cartoons, finger puppets, PE, outdoor learning, French and sustainability!

Here are a selection of pictures showing some of the things that P2/3 have been doing recently. These include pictures of them during PE, during art lessons where they were making finger puppets and drawing cartoons in the style of Carl Giles, outdoor learning where they were working out the answers to times tables questions and then using natural materials to create the answers, learning French words for food and drink and learning about the sustainable development goals.

PE, surveys, reading, familes, outdoor learning and French!

Here are a selection of pictures showing what P2/3 have been doing this week. These include pictures of them during PE where they were playing rounders, during a reading lesson, outdoor learning where they were making fractions with chalk, learning about surveys and creating their own, learning French words for family members and learning about the similarities and differences between families.

PE, ART and outdoor learning!

Here are a selection of pictures of P2/3 during PE, ART and outdoor learning sessions, wherein they were learning about time keeping through the ages and how sundials worked. They also created their own sundials out of twigs and stones, and they also created clocks out of string and chalk!